Sports Performance

Katherine is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 10 years experience working at one of Melbourne’s largest multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinics; Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre.


Katherine’s passion for sports nutrition stems from personal involvement in endurance events including Ironman, marathon and ultra-marathon races. After a few years of experimenting with Crossfit, she found her way back to her passion for anything long distance by taking up marathon swimming.


Katherine has developed her skills as a highly experienced Sports and Performance Dietitian through her work at Football Victoria, Geelong Football Club (AFL), Werribee Tigers Football Club (AFL), Coburg Lions Football Club (VFL), Melbourne Triathlon Club (MTC) and Tribal Triathlon groups.


In addition to working with athletes, Katherine specialises in nutrition for the performing arts. She is currently contracted to support students at the Australian Ballet School, The Victorian Collage of Arts and The National Institute of Circus Arts.


Katherine can help athletes identify fact from fiction and adopt cutting edge, evidence based nutrition strategies to achieve peak performance whilst also enjoying the pleasure of eating delicious food!

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